Buying A Used Ford Transit Minibus Van, MPV or Minibus? Here are Some Tips For You

  • General Condition:
    The general condition of a good used van is usually a good guide to the quality of the vehicle. If it has been neglected on the outside then it is fair to say it has not been looked after on the inside. As commercial vehicles are working tools, the odd slight dent is to be expected, however too many shows apathy towards the vehicle. As the old saying goes - if it looks good it is good - providing it has not been glossed over.

  • Mileage:
    Although everyone wants a low mileage vehicle this is not always the key issue. For example a vehicle used as a courier service on the motorway will rack up the miles, however there will be little use of steering, clutch, gearbox and brakes etc. whereas a delivery vehicle working in a town showing low miles may have had more total revolutions of the engine. Also there will have been more torque required from the engine, more use of the gearbox, clutch, steering and brakes. Therefore a situation can occur where a vehicle having high miles has done actually less work than a low mileage one.

  • Full Service History:
    Full Service History is a valuable asset, as it make the vehicle more 'transparent', however do not be too concerned if some stamps are missing from the service book because books only get stamped if the customer hands the book in and checks on collection of the vehicle from service.

  • Buying From A Van Dealer or Buying Privately:
    It is often said that decisions are made on either logic or emotion. For example, buying a car is usually based on emotion, or want, many people see a car as a status symbol, and many keep them spick and span, whereas a commercial vehicle is mostly used as a tool of work. So therefore it is bought because of logic, or a need, rather than a want. Therefore buying a used commercial vehicle can be different from buying a car.

    Fleet vehicles are usually changed after a set time or mileage; however someone running a small business is less likely to keep changing their vehicle as much as their car, while it is running it is earning money so why change it?

    A decision to change because of fears of a large repair bill is more likely to occur with a commercial vehicle than with a car. The old saying of "You pay your money you take a chance may apply" so if you purchase from a reputable dealer who gives a good back up service you can have peace of mind that you will not be off the road too long, if at all, loosing income.

A minibus can be a great asset to almost all types of business. They allow you to carry many passengers at one time in a comfortable and safe environment. Using a minibus can cut down on the cost of having to maintain multiple vehicles. It is a practical way to transport passengers no matter what type of business you have.