Top Five Considerations When Buying A Second-hand Minibus

What are your top priorities when buying a minibus? Minibuses have a different purpose to passenger cars and should be purchased with that purpose along with the obvious considerations of reliability, economy and comfort in mind.

Buying a used minibus is slightly different to buying a second-hand car especially if used for commercial purposes. Of course there are the same pre-purchase checks to do that you would do with any second-hand vehicle, such as checking for collision damage, engine, transmission, steering and brakes but for a minibus, I would add these to the list...
  1. Purpose of the minibus: was it previously used for the same purpose as you will use it? If it was used as an airport shuttle bus, will it be used for that purpose again? Changing a vehicle's use may require structural changes.

  2. Age of the minibus: obviously the older the vehicle, the more the wear and tear but also buying a used minibus less than five years old gives you the opportunity to get replacement insurance should it be involved in a write-off.

  3. Reliability: if you are buying a minibus to transport people or for rental, you will probably want to look at Mercedes minibuses such as the Vito or an LDV Convoy. Both are reliable and come in diesel versions and have good mileage - a necessity in today's economy.

  4. Size: if the minibus will carry more than eight people for hire or reward, it must have a Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF). If the vehicle does not already have a certificate, it will need to be inspected and approved before you sign on the dotted line.

  5. Tachograph: if you will be using the minibus for commercial reasons, there are certain EU rules that must be observed such as driving hours. A tachograph must be installed to monitor mileage and hours driven.

It is also important to remember that a PSV operator licence is necessary to transport people if the minibus is equipped to carry eight or more passengers.

Add these five items to your list of considerations when you go to buy your second-hand vehicle - whether you're planning to buy used Mercedes minibus vans, Ford transit minibus vans or an Iveco minibus van.

Types of Organisations Which May Benefit by Purchasing a Minibus
A Minibus is a versatile vehicle that can be used by many different types of businesses and organisations. They come in a variety of different sizes and can be customised to fit many differing needs. Minibuses are a dependable way to transport a group of people safely to their destination.

Minibuses are ideal for transporting children to and from school activities. They are a big asset to school clubs, because a large number of kids can be transported in one vehicle. That way you don’t have to spend extra time and trouble rounding up a variety of vehicles and people to drive your school club to and from activities.

If you own any type of transportation or shuttle service a minibus is an economical way to get your passengers to and from their destination in a timely manner. There are different sizes of minibuses that offer anywhere from 9 to 17 seats for carrying passengers. You can use these vehicles for running a shuttle service to and from the airport or if you have a taxi or car service. They are great for tour companies and also for cross country travel.

Minibuses are perfect for businesses that are provide private hire driver services. They are great for getting passengers to weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. Private hire minibuses are very popular and their services are in high demand for many different events.

Minibuses give you ample room to carry passengers and their luggage without compromising comfort. They are designed and built especially to carry more weight safely and comfortably. Most minibuses allow you to remove rear seats so you can get the seating configurations you need for your specific business. The seats can also be moved to accommodate wheelchairs. Many manufacturers now offer the option of wheelchair tracks as well as wheelchair ramps and lifts when ordering your minibus. Companies and local authorities that provide a service for disabled people - whether it is taking them to and from medical appointments or to run errands - will most definitely need a wheelchair accessible minibus for this purpose.

A minibus can be a great asset to almost all types of business. They allow you to carry many passengers at one time in a comfortable and safe environment. Using a minibus can cut down on the cost of having to maintain multiple vehicles. It is a practical way to transport passengers no matter what type of business you have.