The History of IVECO Commercial Vehicles

IVECO stands for Industrial Vehicle Corporation. It has been providing commercial vans to industry, not to mention minibuses to various other users, since its inception in 1975. Two hundred thousand commercial vehicles are produced by IVECO each year. Its sales rank in the thousands of millions, so you can see how successful the company is.

IVECO was the creation of several well known car companies, including Fiat and Magirus. Indeed Fiat is the main driving force of the company. The collaboration turned out to be a hugely successful one. The company manufactures commercial vans in countries as diverse as China, Turkey, South Africa and Australia. Of course its roots can be found all over Europe, and the vehicles are still manufactured there as well. The main three countries that were the home of the original companies to come together as IVECO were France, Germany and Italy. Manufacturing still occurs here too.

From the time the company was formed in 1975 to the early Nineties, it focused on bringing together the various disparate parts of the organisation. This meant it was able to streamline its operations to provide an even better and more cost effective service to industry. However the Nineties saw a sea change as it was put under pressure from its competition.

This could have been a worrying time but the company forged ahead stronger than ever before after making some essential changes. It was this period in time that saw it focus on appealing to specific portions of its customer base. Once it started focusing on different types of customers, it succeeded in fending off the competition that could have been a major problem. The awards also started coming during the late Nineties, including International Coach of the Year in 1995 and Best Imported Truck in 1998. IVECO has also done consistently well with its trucks, winning the Truck of the Year award in three separate years.

IVECO is a young motoring company in relation to many other companies of this type. However it has established itself quickly and efficiently in the marketplace, adapting to changes and becoming even stronger in the process. Long may its good performance continue.

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