The History of Commercial Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is a name that is synonymous with countless different types of luxury vehicles. But the company has also established itself in the commercial sector, making trucks, vans and buses for commercial use all over the world.

The general condition of a good used van is usually a good guide to the quality of the vehicle. If it has been neglected on the outside then it is fair to say it has not been looked after on the inside. As commercial vehicles are working tools, the odd slight dent is to be expected, however too many shows apathy towards the vehicle. As the old saying goes - if it looks good it is good - providing it has not been glossed over.

One of the main facts worth noting about commercial Mercedes vans and those from the Daimler brand is that they have continued to evolve from the 1890s onwards. However the initial attempts to create good vans and trucks were done on a small scale rather than being mass produced.

One of the most famous types of Mercedes Benz trucks is the L-series, which was released in the Sixties. Since the new Millennium dawned we have had several different trucks designed for different audiences and purposes. The Atego is a basic truck catering to light weight loads, while the Actros is the heavy duty model designed to take up to 250 tonnes.

The Mercedes Benz vans first came to the fore en masse in the Fifties. This was when the L319 model was launched with several variations for those interested in buying one. The Sixties saw another leap forward in design and two models hit the marketplace. The T1 may look familiar if you see a picture of it because it looks similar to the Sprinter model seen today. The T2 is the larger version of the T1, offering more space and heavy duty capabilities.

Even today we are seeing more developments in the long line of vans that Carl Benz started with back in 1896. From the Vito to the Sprinter and along to the Vario: the one thing they have in common is a lineage that stretches back over one hundred years.