Tips and Advice When Buying A Good Used Van or Minibus Direct From The Dealer: Article Two

A guide to buying a good minibus or van direct from used van dealers for UK consumers

There are many benefits to consumers who elect to buy used vans and minibuses directly from UK sourced used van dealers. Some buyers attempt to get better deals by buying used vans from private sellers which is far more risky. The problem with this route is that when consumers buy a van from a private seller, there is very little recourse if the vehicle does not work properly. Buying used vans and commercial vehicles directly from a well known dealership such as ourselves means that you as the consumer has better access to more information about the history of the vehicle and its condition than you would if buying privately. We only sell used vans and minibuses, which means that we know what we are selling.

Buyers do need to be cautious when buying a good van from a used van dealers. The trick is to know what you are doing as not all dealers are equal when it comes to honesty and integrity. 99% are, but just like with used car salesman, the same is true for a handful of used van salesman. Luckily though, most sell vans privately or from the side of the road and the best way to protect yourself is to pick your new used van up from a van sales premise. Some maintain a better reputation for good quality and commitment to service. Buyers should carefully research used van dealers to discover what type of reputation they have and what their customers have to say.

Along with checking out the dealer, buyers need to thoroughly research the used vans/minibuses they are interested in buying. The first step for the buyer is to examine the exterior and interior of the vehicle to get a feel for its general condition. A used van that has a poor exterior look and condition is likely to have a poor exterior look and might have issues in its function. Some of the more unscrupulous van dealers may go to great lengths to cover up potential drawbacks of some of their vehicles. As you may be aware, the perception of value is increased significantly by coating the exterior with some new paint and giving it a great polished look.

To get a more complete idea about whether used vans or minibuses are of good quality, the buyer needs to check out the vehicle's mileage, and request a complete review of the vehicle's history report. Reputable van dealers are happy to support their buyers in whatever research efforts they use. Less reputable dealers are only concerned with making van sales and unloading the vehicles to unsuspecting buyers.

No matter how cautious buyers are in checking out van dealers and researching used vans, there are always potential problems that might arise. Even good quality dealers may sell a vehicle that has problems. This is especially true with regard to older vans. The difference with good used van dealers is that they back up their vehicles with a used van warranty or some type of service commitment. Thus, if a buyer makes a vehicle purchase and the car has unreasonable problems or needs basic repairs after a short period, the van dealers would assume responsibility for those problems.

There are no guarantees when buying used vans that the purchase will turn out to be a great value. However, prudent buyers can give themselves a better chance to succeed when buying used vans direct from used van dealers if they are prepared. Buyers need to understand their needs, ask questions, and research the history of the dealer and the vehicles they are interested in buying.

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